Searching for Tokens & Using Filters

The search filters within Tokemon are used to refine your searches based on a set of boolean conditions.


This is where the true power of Tokémon lies, learning combinations of these filters allows you to find undiscovered gems with ease. A user may access these filters under the Advanced Token Search section. Tokémon offers the following filters:

  1. Price;

  2. Liquidity;

  3. MC;

  4. Reserves (USD);

  5. Reserves;

  6. Holders;

  7. Changes ranging from: 3m, 15m, 60m, 24Hr;

  8. Relative 24Hr changes from high to low;

  9. Updated;

  10. Age;

  11. Verified.

Each of these filters may have a True or False condition applied to it and are not mutually exclusive. For example: a user may set a liquidity filter to only retrieve tokens that have liquidity < 600000 and < 500 holders. Different permutations of these conditions can be applied as filters. The conditions available are:

  1. Less than;

  2. Less than equal to;

  3. Greater than;

  4. Greater than equal to;

  5. Between;

  6. Not between;

  7. Empty;

  8. Not empty;

  9. Equals;

  10. Not;

  11. Starts with;

  12. Contains;

  13. Ends with.

Saving Filters

Users may save their Advanced Token Search filter configuration for ease of use in the future, within the top right of the banner, there is a small save icon. This lets you enter a custom name and save the filters with their current values as well as giving the filter configuration a name.

Finding Gems With Tokemon

Please See Our Tutorial On Medium: Finding Gems With Tokemon