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Tokemon UI Tour

Homepage / Overview

The Tokémon UI is split into major sections according to the major feature types:
  • Token search and filtering
  • Telegram notifications (for tokens and wallets)
  • Trading and trading bot options
  • Wallet and telegram channel following
The Tokemon after login. The default view is the token search table. Access other features from the sidebar.
The default view is the overview where you can see the current ETH and BNB price, as well as status of your configured bots 'Trading Bots', the number of custom token notifications you have enabled, any saved searches you have created, and below you can see the token table which displays the price and other data in realtime about all tokens on ETH and BSC.
In the header of the page you can also see if your trading bot is connected, the current live ETH and BSC price, links to your profile settings and how to logout.
Header with bot connection status (robot icon) and live price data.

Token Information

If you click on a token you will be taken to the token price, holder and liquidity information for that token on the selected exchange.