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Telegram Features

Tokémon uses telegram for notification of information to users. We use one telegram channel (containing, and sometimes called a 'telegram bot') per 'notification type'.
This means that you will use one channel to see notifications regarding token price change, and another channel to see messages about followed wallet transactions.
The links to all telegram channels can be found in you settings page.
The different telegram channels for each notification type.
When you add the telegram channel to your telegram client, you need to log in with the bot in that channel to link it with your Tokémon account.
You can do this by typing the /start command in the channel and following the commands. You will need your telegram token which you will find in the settings page beside the link to the telegram channel you just clicked.

Configuring Token Notification Defaults

The most common notification type is real-time notification about Token price changes. Notifications of this type can be configured two ways; globally and per-token. If you have no specific configuration for a token then the global token notification configuration applies.
Tokémon supports notifications for ETH / Uniswap and BSC / PancakeSwap

Global Configuration Defaults

Every block that is processed is checked against the settings you have configured and any matching tokens will generate a message in the appropriate telegram channel. For more information on the meaning of these settings see below.
  • Report Interval: This is the amount of time over which the percentage increase/decrease limits are compared. You may choose values between 3 and 60 minutes
  • Percentage increase/decrease: Any token whose price moves by more than this amount will generate a message
  • Minimum liquidity: You can enter a limit here of the minimum liquidity required before a message is sent. You might want to set this if you are not interested in low-liquidity tokens
  • Whale threshold: You can set this to only receive notifications for large value transactions

Global Inclusion / Exclusion of Tokens

If you wish to further trim or filter notifications you can also apply the following criteria:
  • Whitelist/blacklist tokens: Only send messages concerning the allowed/disallowed selected tokens
  • Liquidity notifications: Also send messages when liquidity is added/removed to token pairs
  • Whale notifications Enable or disable respecting the whale threshold described in the previous section
  • Contract verified: Only send notifications for tokens whose contract is verified.

Individual Token Notifications

If you are only interested in price notifications for specific tokens only, you can configure specific rules simply. To do so, either select 'Per-token Config.' from the menu, or click on the notification icon beside any token
Clicking on 'Configure Notification' allows setting specific notification rules for the selected token.
Tip: you might wish to configure notifications for tokens in your wallet, or in wallets you follow (see 'Wallet Tracking')
You may configure notification preferences for each token as shown below (note, clicking the 'Configure Notification' link shown in the previous image would bring you to the following page with the correct token pre-selected).
The respective settings mean:
  • Report Interval: This is the amount of time over which the percentage increase/decrease limits are compared. You may choose values between 3 and 60 minutes
  • Percentage increase/decrease: Notifiy if the token prices changes by this amount or more
  • Target value: If set, the notification will be sent when the token price crosses above or below this value
  • Minimum liquidity: Only send a notification if the token contains this much liquidity
  • Contract verified: Only send a notification if this token contract is verified

Trading From Telegram

Tokemon allows you to place trades directly via the 'Trading Bot' (see configuration above) - without having to go to Uniswap and use MetaMask. If you trading bot is configured and connected, trades can be executed in a matter of seconds.
For trades to be executed, the trading bot must be configured and running for the selected account.
Trades are performed by typing telegram commands. To get started, type /trade
The bot walks you through the process
The bot gives you examples of the command format you need to type in order to make the trade. You can copy and paste the example message and edit it, replacing the example address with the token address of the token you wish to trade.
Amounts can be specified two ways, as absolute values, or as a percentage of the balance in the wallet - as ETH for the buy command, or in Tokens for the sell command. For example
  • buy 0x2b5016CeA1C425f915E13727f7657025de3208Fe 1 trading_acc would buy 1eth of $TKMN token from your account with name 'trading acc'
  • buy 0x2b5016CeA1C425f915E13727f7657025de3208Fe 5% trading_acc would buy 5% of the ETH balance worth of $TKMN, in he account with name 'trading_acc'