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Wallet Tracking

Tokémon enables both receiving telegram notifactions when followed wallets take certain actions - such as making trades or deploying contracts, but also copying the trades made by the follow wallet.
This means you will buy the same coins that the wallet buys - although you can configure different amounts to buy than they do.

Wallet notifications

Please also see our tutorial on Medium: Wallets and Wallet Following With Tokemon

Transaction following

With this feature you can get telegram notifications whenever certain wallet makes Uniswap transaction. You can further configure the tracking by setting a threshold transaction value to be notified for (expressed in ETH).
Example notifications received when a followed wallet makes a transaction.

Contract following

This feature allows for tracking contract deployments from addresses that you're interested in. You will get telegram notifications whenever the address you are tracking (the deployer) creates a contract on the Ethereum network.

Wallet trade following

Please also see our tutorial on Medium: Copy (Ape) Trading In Tokemon
This feature enables simple trade following. It allows for executing a trade on your behalf based on a wallet you're following. Currently this feature supports buy orders only (only the swaps from ETH to Token are supported). The feature is available for the Trader and Master packages. If you are user subscribed to some of the other packages, you are still allowed to make wallet configurations in the UI, but they would not be executed.
You can configure the amount for your trades by specifying a percentage, which is used for calculating the amount based on the trades that the wallet you're following is executing. Additionally you can configure maximum trading amount (specified in ETH). This is useful to limit the trade amount.
Configuration options for how to buy the tokens that a followed account buys.
You also need to select the account from the list of your accounts that you want to use for executing the followed trades.
In the list of the existing wallet transaction followings, for the wallets where the trade following feature is enabled, there is an indicator that displays this state for better readability.
The 'trade following enabled' badge indicates the status
For trades to be executed, both of the following must be true:
  1. 1.
    The trading client must be running on your computer
  2. 2.
    Accounts connected with any trading strategies must have 'trading enabled'
Please ensure that you have installed and understood the trading bot client section.
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